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    Pay Day Information
    1. W-9 on File
    2. Check are Written Weekly on Tuesday after our Events.
    This Means You could Work one Weekend and Not Be Paid for weeks after an event if you do not have the paper work on file. For Example if you worked March 1, 2013 and Did not turn in your paper work until April 3, 2013 you would not get paid until our Next pay Date of April 9, 2013.

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    We DO NOT PAY until ALL Paper Work is Completed
    Umpires and Staffing are required to be Evaluated for 2 Games as Volunteers.
    All Assignments are handled through the North Carolina USSSA, LLC office.

  • How to Sanction your team with USSSA On-Line

    Go to www.usssa.com and click on the sport your team or member plays to enter the site.
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  • How to Qualify for the Final Four

    Four tournaments qualify the champions in each age and class for a PAID BERTH to the Final Four Tournament.

    If the winner has already qualified then the berth will be passed down. Teams with a losing record are not eligible for the passed-down berth.

    If a berth can not be awarded from the Top two teams then and Invitational Berth will be Awarded by Carolina Sports.

    2014 Final Four Qualifier Locations and Dates:

    Raleigh (1 Berth) Date: TBA

    Greensboro (2 Berths) Date: TBA

    Wilmington (1 Berth) Date: TBA

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